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Voice calls have very important role in all areas including business, education, medication, ecommerce, politics etc. Size doesn't matter but quality does matter in these sectors as your information must reach everyone and quality should be high so no one miss the information. Automated voice calling solves telecommunication problems like bill reminders, notifications, alerts feedback & business promotions etc. Proactive dialing increase your telemarketing approach, voice communication improve your engagement with your clients.

  • Multiple Retries
  • Caller ID Facility
  • Voice Scheduling


We Do not charge money from our customers for setting up Web Intergace or Account Creation. User needs to pay only for Voice call purchased.


It automatically dials out to the list of numbers weather mobile numbers or landlines updated in the web panel with for campaigns.


Promotional Voice campaigns are to be processed to the attached list of numbers after getting filtered with NDNC Database


Transactional Voice campaigns are to be processed to all the registered numbers attached weather listed with DND or not but for this declaration has to be submitted before the campaign execution.


Feature of Auto redial helps the campaign to perform good as it auto dials the numbers who did not picked the call on the first go


Feature of scheduling is available in the web interface where campaign can be scheduled as per requirement, so as to saving the time and efforts.


Delivery reports are available on the portal for every campaign done having the numbers who have heard the voice and how much time they have heard.

Promotional Voice Call Price

Packages Cost /Call Call Price GST(18%) Total Price Validity Buy Now
10000 0.35 Rs.3500/- Rs.630/- Rs.4130/- 365 days Buy Now
25000 0.33 Rs.8250/- Rs.1485/- Rs.9735/- 365 days Buy Now
50000 0.32 Rs.16000/- Rs.2880/- Rs.18880/- 365 days Buy Now
100000 0.30 Rs.30000/- Rs.5400/- Rs.35400/- 365 days Buy Now
500000 0.25 Rs.125000/- Rs.22500/- Rs.147500/- 365 days Buy Now

Transactional Voice Call Price

Packages Cost /Call Call Price GST(18%) Total Price Validity Buy Now
10000 0.40 Rs.4000/- Rs.720/- Rs.4720/- 365 days Buy Now
25000 0.35 Rs.8750/- Rs.1575/- Rs.10325/- 365 days Buy Now
50000 0.33 Rs.16500/- Rs.2970/- Rs.19470/- 365 days Buy Now
100000 0.32 Rs.32000/- Rs.5760/- Rs.37760/- Unlimited Buy Now
500000 0.30 Rs.150000/- Rs.27000/- Rs.177000/- 365 days Buy Now

Voice Broadcasting Features

INTERACT SOLUTIONS offers Voice Broadcasting Services, can be used by any company or individual to promote or advertise about a product or brand or services. We deliver pre-recorded voice messages very smoothly with our user friendly & powerful platform . Some of the features are listed below.

Multiple Key Inputs: INTERACT SOLUTIONS services Voice Broadcasting platform is highly efficient and cheaper when you have to record the multiple responses. Useful in elections, general surveys, lead generation etc
Web Control Panel: You can check all reports and statistics of sent voice calls via our web-based platform, no matter what your current location is. INTERACT SOLUTIONS services offers user friendly panel which is easy to use & manage.
Upload Audio Files: INTERACT SOLUTIONS services allows you to upload audio files. Supported file formats are Wav (primary) & Mp3. You have to make sure audio is clear & loud enough to understand before uploading.
Custom Caller-ID: You can use your own existing active number for voice broadcasting. It gives ease of access. You may change your number any time.
Future-Scheduling Options: INTERACT SOLUTIONS services allows you to schedule your voice campaign on future dates defining the specific time and date. System will automatically broadcast your messages on scheduled time.
Set up cost: Zero Charges.
Send voice call using schedule Date and Time.
Send Voice in Different Languages
Delivery Time: 9am to 9pm
DND & Non DND Numbers: Valid for both DND & Non DND numbers
Campaign option: Yes
View voice delivery reports

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Voice Call Service Provider in India


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