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Bulk SMS in Mumbai

Want to promote your business in Mumbai? Looking for the best service provider for Bulk SMS in Mumbai? If yes, then your search has tweaked in the right platform. We provide our services at rational prices

Earlier, it wasn't possible to convey a message to so many people together. However, with the inception of new technologies, delivering bulk messages to thousands of people in a single click. It is in fact, one of the most cost-effective ways to send alerts, spread a message, notify about upcoming events, product launch or simply for promotions. However, to get the intended response, it is essential that you choose a reliable and top-notch quality services provider.

INTERACT SOLUTIONS is a credible platform that will lend a helping hand in your marketing campaign. It is the most-trusted service provide for Bulk SMS in Mumbai. Anyone can make use of our top class services at marginal cost. Bulk SMS Gateway offers various SMS services along with essential tools to grow the businesses. The software facilitates the users to directly send the messages from their PC within few clicks. Bulk SMS Gateway is way of sending a sms (Short Messaging Service) or text message with or without using a mobile phone.

Why choose us?

Fast results along with detailed delivery reports
Marginal cost
We give liberty to the users to edit their contacts list
To reach your target audiences in an effective way
To boost your marketing campaign thereby enhancing the revenues
To improve customer engagement
We even help you out in planning a stellar marketing strategy

Due to low costs and fast services, INTERACT SOLUTIONS has become the idyllic preference of several businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Bulks SMS Features

Bulks SMS Priority Route
Bulk SMS API Integration
Online DND Filter
Bulk SMS Excel Plug-in
Bulk SMS OPT-in
To improve customer engagement
We even help you out in planning a stellar marketing strategy

Who can use bulk SMS service in Mumbai?

Any business or individual who wish to reach out to a wider masses and send alerts, information or promotional messages can connect with us. These include:

Schools, colleges and universities
Real estate brokers
Blood banks
Book stores
Restaurants and hotels
Mutual Funds
Political groups
Mutual Fund Providers
Travel websites


Web to SMS service enables you to send SMS to individuals and groups using the Bulk SMS Root web based SMS messaging platform. If you are Looking to send SMS alerts, SMS reminders, Bulk SMS or International SMS - here are some techniques and many different ways to help you use Bulk SMS messaging to benefit your business or organization.


Key Features

Send SMS text messages to individuals and groups from the internet
Send SMS Messages using schedule Date and Time
Send SMS in Different Languages
Personalise outgoing messages
Upload existing lists from Tab delimited files
View message delivery reports
View history of messages sent
Use Draft templates to send messages


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