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Custom CRM & ERP Development

Custom CRM & ERP Development

While CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems focus externally on your customers, ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) focuses internally on your business processes. The goal of an ERP system is to integrate your internal information between all aspects of your business: Manufacturing, Product Development, Finance, HR, etc. helping you standardize business processes, minimize duplicate data and streamline your workflow

Today's ERP solutions are designed to help you to improve the operational efficiency of business resources. Businesses use ERP systems to integrate all its business processes into a single system to efficiently and effectively manage business goals.

Both client relationship management and enterprise resource planning systems independently offer substantial benefits to businesses. Employing a powerful integration system allows the connectivity between the two, providing even more advantages to businesses.

End-To-End Software Application Development

From initial case analysis to post-implementation support, whether it is providing integration across your business applications, customizing your existing software or building a new application from the ground up, when it comes to the development software side of IT, you will find it all here at INTERACT SOLUTIONS

Custom CRM & ERP Development

We specialize in the setup, configuration and implementation of your ERP system. Our integration team has experience working in complex, diverse environments that require a seamless integration to provide one holistic solution.

Key Components of CRM Software
  • Contact Management -
    Organizes customer data in a centralized location. Contact details, demographics, transactions, customer service interactions and other customer data are easily saved and retrieved.
  • Deals and Tasks-
    CRM lets you add, assign, and track actionable items and feed them into the sales pipeline. Deals and tasks can be automatically populated with customer data or updated with real-time information.
  • Social Media Management-
    Tracks social media activity of your audience, such as, likes and dislikes comments, mentions, and shares. It can also be a part of campaign management or sold separately.
  • Reporting and Dashboards -
    Consolidates streams of data in meaningful ways that help you to spot patterns, trends, behaviors, and other market insights. Many CRM solutions can also generate real-time data that makes reporting more timely and accurate.
  • Email Tracking -
    Tracks opened or clicked emails and usually works with popular email clients and mailers like Gmail, Outlook, and MailChimp. Email tracking can be a part of campaign management or sold separately.
  • Lead Management -
    Manages leads from prospecting to conversion. It lets you track sales activities, deals, and tasks and move them across sales stages. It also connects to contact management to let you view customer interactions and profiles in one window. Most CRM solutions allow you to customize the pipeline stages.
  • Campaign Management -
    Manages campaigns from start to end, including setting up target customers, automating workflows, and measuring success based on clearly defined metrics.
  • Mobile Version -
    Many CRM solutions have Android and iOS apps, while others have mobile Responsive sites.
Key Components of ERP Software
  • Financial Management -
    This module manages your capital flow It covers standard Accounting & Finance transactions like expenditures, general ledger, balance sheet, tax management etc.
  • HRM -
    This module features standard HRMS tools like time tracker, timesheet, and database for employee records, job profiles and skills matrix.
  • Sales & Marketing -
    The module handles sales workflows like sales enquiries, quotations, sales orders and sales invoices. The more advanced ERP also features taxation rules and shipping tracker.
  • CRM -
    The CRM module helps you to boost customer service and, eventually, profit per capital. It manages leads, opportunities and customer issues.
  • Manufacturing -
    It helps businesses make manufacturing more efficient in areas, such as, product planning, materials sourcing, daily production monitors and product forecasting.
  • Purchasing -
    These include: supplier listings; quotation requests and analysis; purchase orders; Good Receipt Notes; and stock updates. As such, it functions closely Inventory modules.
  • SCM -
    It manages product flow from production to consumer. This is process automation, which streamlines your entire supply chain & makes it adaptive to sudden market shifts.
  • Inventory -
    It helps you measure stock targets; standardize replenishments and other inventory goals. It uses product serial numbers to track and locate items in your organization.
Benefits of CRM & ERP Software
  • Enhanced workflow -
    With ERP and CRM integration, you can achieve automated workflow and streamlined business processes. This results in higher productivity than what would have been achieved otherwise.
  • Saves you the money -
    In any business, saving money (while not compromising on the efficiency) is of vital importance. Integrating ERP and CRM systems can help you achieve that to a large extent.
  • A complete view of data -
    Both ERP and CRM systems depend on the data generated. ERP systems have the key benefit of having centralized data storage. CRM does a similar task for the front-end data received from the customers.
  • Better access to data -
    The integration of CRM and ERP systems paves the way for a unified data storage that is available to every employee of the organization.
  • Better coordination -
    ERP and CRM integration facilitate complete streamlining of processes. Not only does it fasten the processes, it also enables various departments to coordinate.
  • Increased mobility -
    When you integrate the two systems, even ERP systems are available on mobile devices. Thus, the entire data of your organization comes handy, anywhere you are.
  • Faster processing -
    ERP and CRM allow you to generate proposals and create orders in a single step. This ease is visible not only in the creation of orders, but also in inventory and quote management.


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